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My wife and I finally finished our network TV for the season, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Sleepy Hollow", both of which we'd left on the back burner while finishing off "Game of Thrones" Season 4.  We're willing to go on the next season for both of them; "Sleepy Hollow" is more on the bubble, being a little bit campier, but John Noble's role is supposed to be expanding, so we'll give it a go.  We're also rewatching "Buffy" with my son Simon--only a few episodes in, but he seems to be liking it so far.  For movies, I recently watched "Edge of Tomorrow" in the theatre with my dad, and it was good, and at home we watched "Iron Man" (me for the second time, everyone else for the first, though Jinian decided to go watch "The Pirate Fairy" instead).  We've been watching the recent Marvel Movie batch with the whole family, mostly, except for the Hulk ones, but often not in the right order; we still haven't caught "Winter Soldier" yet.  I foresee "Guardians of the Galaxy" in the future.

I personally have been cycling between three different TV series on my computer--"Doctor Who", "Twin Peaks", and "Babylon 5".  "Doctor Who" I'm starting to try catching up, since I originally stopped watching the new program after having missed two Ecclestons and after only one Tennant.  Now I'm finished Series Two ("The Girl In The Fireplace" being my definite favourite) except for the "Doctor Who Confidential" disc, and Series Three is waiting in the wings.  The other two are rewatches, long overdue; I just finished B5 Season One, and ready to start on Season Two; "Twin Peaks" I'm into the second season, after the Laura Palmer murder is solved, which supposedly is where it jumped the shark.  I haven't rewatched this part as much, for sure, so it'll be an experience.  I also rewatched "Stop Making Sense" on DVD, and then finally got around to watching Laurie Anderson's "Home of The Brave" movie on Youtube; I'd never watched it when it was out, mostly because of one bad review, back when I was more affected by such things.  (To complete my trilogy of music movies, I'm planning on rewatching "The Wall" sometime, too.)

Except that I seem to have an ear infection this week, which makes me less likely to do anything that requires wearing headphones, which I generally do use when watching things on my computer, alas.
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